Apartment Listing (under 0-799 sq.ft) $65
Small Listing (80-1499 sq.ft) $125
Medium Listing (1500-2499 sq.ft) $170
Large Listing (2500-3499 sq.ft) $210
Extra Large Listing (3500-4499 sq.ft) $250
Oversize Listing (over 4500sq.ft) $290$-400​​​​​​​


Evening/Twilight shoots - $25
Distances further than 45km - $20
Distances further than 65km - $40
Property not ready - $35
Aerials - $60
Community Highlights (Tier 1) - $45
Community Highlights (Tier 2) - $100
Apartment Amenities - $15
Video Walkthrough - $25
Add ons and more info

Clean up fee 
It is expected that the house is in a clean and sanitary condition before my arrival. In any instances where I feel I can not complete the job due to messes and as a result, have to stage or move boxes and furniture, an $80 charge will be sent and images will not be delivered until the charge is paid.

Staging add on 
If you are concerned about the staging and decorating of the property, for $50 I can add an additional 30 minutes to my booking to walk through the house and make the necessary adjustments for you. This does not include cleaning up messes or moving furniture alone. 
Some examples of necessary staging beforehand are:
Setting blinds and curtains
Turning on all lights
Straightening pictures and small furniture
General organizing of rooms

Property Access
In order for me to access the property, the property owner must meet me at the location with a set of keys and either wait outside the unit or agree to meet me to lock up after I have completed my work at a set time or by text message. Lockboxes with codes are also an acceptable form of access. ​​​​​​​
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